To gain the Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course for Managers certificate, you need to successfully complete and fully participate in an online training course, a three-day tutor-led development workshop, and you also need to pass the end-of-course final assessment. Note that the online course must be completed before attending the tutor-led workshop. 

To undertake the online course, you must first register as a user on this site by completing the online registration form. You then need to inform your chosen training provider that you are registered on the site.  The training provider will then enrol you on their manager's course, which will allow you to access the course content. The course content is formed of a number of different topic areas which directly relate to the role of the manager on a land-based site. 

It is essential that you work through all of the course topic areas to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding you require to successfully participate in the tutor-led workshop and achieve a pass at the end of the course assessment. All the topics have content that you must interact with and assessment quizzes that must be completed. There is also a final mock assessment that must be completed.  Your time online and your interactions with the course are automatically monitored and tracked by the system to determine when you have completed all the online content. 

The time required to complete the course will depend on you and your existing experience and knowledge. There are no minimum or maximum time requirements associated with the course.  The time taken is up to you.  The important thing is that by the time you have completed the eLearning, you need to feel confident in your knowledge of the various topic areas.

Note that completion of the online course and participation in the tutor-led workshop is essential if certification is to be gained.